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Learn more about the NFChees™ NFT Collection from IMPRINT Adtech™ created by Cynthia Kirkeby

About the NFChees NFT collection

Introducing NFChees, the real cheesy Metaverse snack warrior. Pick up your bag of NFChees today.

NFT Collection Type

10,000 Generative One of a Kind (1/1)

Release Date

August 2022


Cynthia Kirkeby


ETH with Polygon (eco-friendly)

NFChees NFT Sample

153 Unique Traits

NFChees™ NFTs have over 150 traits in 17 groups. Each of the traits can be explored in our special section. Each layer was individually created by Cynthia Kirkeby, one of the founders of IMPRINT Adtech.

A mathematical algorithm was used to mix and match all of the layers to create a set of 10,000 unique (1/1) images.

The NFChees™ NFT collection has been created to fund IMPRINT Adtech a product placement advertising technology system and this is just the beginning…

NFChees NFT Sample
NFChees NFT Sample

Collect different bags of NFChees for real cheesy fun…

NFChees NFT Sample

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