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01. How many NFChees NFTs are there?

There is a total of 10,000 (1-of-1) NFChees NFTs.

02. How much does each NFT cost to mint?

The pre-mint price is 0.04 ETH.
The mint price is 0.06 ETH

03. What are my rights when I purchase NFChees NFTs?

You have the right to display your NFTs, use them as Avatars, and resell them. Purchasing NFChees also whitelists you for any future NFT collections by IMPRINT Adtech.
All commercial rights are retained by IMPRINT Adtech for merchandise, games, books, film, etc.

04. What makes the NFChees NFT Collection special?

NFChees were designed to fund the IMPRINT Adtech startup. The founders are Anthony Ko and Cynthia Kirkeby and these crunchy cheesy snacks are one of their favorite Metaverse nibbles. Our startup technology involves advertising, so a product placement parody was a perfect fit.

05. What is the structure of the NFChees NFT Collection?

  • 1-350 are reserved for the IMPRINT Adtech team, promotions, and promotional drops to owners of the collection.
  • 351-1500 will be available for purchase by our early adopters in a pre-release event.
  • 1501-10,000 will be part of the standard release
  • All NFTs have been randomly generated and will be sold in a blind release.
  • Buyers will be limited to 3 NFTs in the prerelease and 5 NFTs per transaction during the standard minting process.


Sample NFChees
Sample NFChees
Sample NFChees

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