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The NFChees NFT Collection

A Collection of 10,000 (1/1)

What are NFChees?


NFChees™ are real cheesy, crunchy treats that are a favorite Metaverse snack of the founders of IMPRINT Adtech. These crunchy cheesy snacks are protected by NFChee, the deliciously protective warrior seen on the front of every bag of NFChees.

Why have we created NFChees? We have a young startup company that is creating a completely new form of brand engagement (AKA advertisements of a sort). As we were trying to figure out how to fundraise for our tech, the idea of a special NFT collection came to mind. We’re one of a small group of startups that are testing this as a new way of funding our companies.

Imagine if Google had funded their search engine in the early days with a collection of Google Doodles. What would those collectibles be worth today? We’re not Google (at least not yet) but we definitely have our sights on developing a great company that is very different than what’s currently out there. We think our art and humor stand on their own, but we also think it’s possible that the success of our company may add to the value of our collectibles.

We also think that there are some amazing possibilities for licensing our collection, so if you are interesting in a partnership or a collaboration (we think collaborations are great) please us our contact form to get in touch with us.

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Sample NFChees